Therapeutic Massage Treatments

30 Minute Massage

30 minute treatments are great for target work for specific muscle groups.  For example, an individual that is only looking for focus work to their neck, shoulders and back.  30 minute treatments are also a great way for a clients to receive necessary work in between sessions in order to obtain relief.  For example, your next appointment for a full massage treatment is a few weeks away, but you are experiencing tension and/or pain and are seeking immediate relief.  This type of treatment (30 minutes) is perfect in that situation.


60 Minute Massage

60 minute massage treatments are the perfect way to get the relaxation and relief you need on a regular basis.


75 Minute Massage

75 minute massage treatments are the best deal.  A 75 minute treatment is just the right amount of time to experience a relaxing and rejuvenating full body massage treatment. 


90 Minute Massage

90 minute massage treatments are ideal for those clients who are in need of a longer massage treatment.  For example, if you are the client who "takes a while to relax", then a 90 minute session may be a better choice. A 90 minute session is also ideal for those client looking to relax as well as receive target work, this treatment option will allow for a full body massage as well as extra attention to those specific areas of complaint.


120 Minute Massage **

120 minute massage treatments (2hrs.) are an option for those clients who have tired a 90 minute session and still require additional work to ease pain and tension. 

**120 minute massage treatments are only available with prior consult and recommendation from the treating LMT (licensed massage therapist).


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