I put this list together for those of you who might want to know exactly what’s being done behind the scenes to ensure everyone's health and safety as we look towards reopening during coronavirus. We want to make sure that your body and mind are able to continue receiving the care and relaxation it needs now more than ever - without concern.

Here is what we are doing to protect our clients and ourselves:

  1. Changes to the office space.

  • Waiting Room - Furniture has been removed to discourage gathering in this area.  Things such as candy bowls, tea/snack station, pens, magazines, pamphlets, ect. have all been removed.  The water dispenser and cups will not be utilized. (I of course still want you to drink some water so I have small bottles of water available to give you if you’d like. I also wiped down each bottle prior to putting them in the fully sanitized mini-fridge).

  • Treatment Room - The chair has been replaced with a metal folding chair, in order to sanitize it after every session.  A HEPA air purifier will be utilized in the room and will be on, well in advance of the first treatment as well as for the duration of the day in order to properly filter and circulate the air. It was recommended that windows be open to increase natural air flow, however this is not possible in our setting, but the door will be open whenever possible to allow for outside air flow.  The massage table will have a PUL (Polyurethene Laminated) cover per the CDC regulations over the heated fleece padding to create a disinfect-able barrier between the padding and the linens.  Disinfect-able covers have also been added to pillows, bolsters, etc. to be utilized in addition to pillow cases/cloth coverings for extra protection.  

  • Bathroom - An automatic motion sensor paper towel dispenser has been installed in the bathroom, so just wave at it lol :).  I also have a touch-less hand soap dispenser arriving shortly.    


2. Cleaning, cleaning & more cleaning.

  • We are utilizing MULTI-CIDE, which is a hospital grade sanitizer and disinfectant to clean every surface. 

  • In the treatment rooms this includes the treatment tables, tables, chairs/stools, the door handles, light switches and even clothes hangers. In the bathroom this includes the sink and its faucet handles, the soap dispenser, the toilet seat, cover, flusher handle, the bathroom spray, door handles, and light switch and anything else that may have been touched

  • We are following the proper sanitizing/disinfecting protocols - everything will be sprayed down with MULTI-CIDE and will be allowed to sit for a minimum of 10 minutes before being wiped down ensuring adequate time to disinfect.

  • **This is not a change, however I felt it necessary to also include.  Linens, blackets, pillow cases, face cradle coverings, towles, and any other linen that might be utilized during treatment is  changed for every client!

  • I also utilize a commercial linen service to ensure that all linens are being properly sanitized and disinfected.

  • There is hand sanitizer (with a 60% or higher alcohol content - per the CDC) and tissue throughout the office for everyone's use.  Feel free to utilize hand sanitizer if you need. Also a tissue can be utilized to create a barrier to avoid touching doors, light switches, ect. directly.


3. Hand Washing & Other Sanitary Protocols

  • All of us are strictly following a hand washing protocol before and after each session and after touching any sheets, bottles, or any other objects that may have possible contamination.

  • You will be asked to wash your hands as well prior to treatment.

  • Practitioners will wear washable or sanitizable aprons during treatment to prevent contamination of clothing.

  • Each client will have a small disposable cup of lotion/product to be utilized during treatment in order to avoid cross contamination by utilizing a pump bottle and disposable spatulas or sticks will be utilized when applicable to retrieve product from larger containers.

These are stressful times. Let US take care of YOU! If and when you are ready we encourage you to make an appointment and to allow yourself some time to escape the madness with a relaxing massage with the certainty of knowing you are safe in our squeaky clean rooms.

Hope to see you soon!

Megan L. Davis